Protect Your Land


A donation of land can be made to a qualified conservation agency. We can help you find that agency, contact us below. This will secure your land for conservation into the future with that agency overseeing its protection and care. A financial donation can be made as well with your land for future care of the property or a financial donation for the O2O on its own for the over all care and success of the wildlife corridor can be made. A solely financial donations toward the care and completion of the O2O Wildlife corridor can be made here on the NFLT website (the O2O’s lead partners). For more on land donations please contact us below.

Conservation Easement

A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified land trust or government agency that permanently limits development to protect the natural resources and amenities of the property. It allows a landowner to continue to own and use his/her land and to sell it or pass it on to heirs. Contact us below to learn more about conservation easements. Each one is unique to the property and owner.

Sale of Land

Selling your land to a qualified agency will transfer ownership of the land to that agency. It will then own, protect and manage the land into the future for conservation. There are many Federal, State and local programs out there to fund the purchase of your land. Contact us below to learn more about these programs and the sale of your land for conservation.

Get in touch

The O2O has a partnership of 24 organizations that work in land conservation. This partnership is lead by the North Florida Land Trust where we have a Conservation Real Estate Department that connects with those partners to provide you with the best options to protection of your land.

Please Contact us here for questions and information about selling your land for conservation, conservation easements, and land donations.

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