Conservation Tools

Cost share links

Land Conservation Assistance Network (not yet specific for Florida but great summary of options for ideas)

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) REPI team has now allowed REPI funds to be used as non-federal match for any conservation or resilience projects toward another federal grant like FEMA. National Coastal Resilience Fund a portion of the REPI funding is put aside just for the national coastal resilience fund. See the potential for your area in the map to the right.

U.S Department of Defense (DOD)

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) 1 to 1 match is no longer needed for NFWF. The match is reduced or eliminated in some areas. America the Beautiful Challenge grant.

Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA.

Their BRIC program might be the most relevant. It is funding for resiliency prep. By providing funding for resilience infrastructure and community.

My Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (MyFWC) Landowner Assistance Program (LAP)

St. Johns River Water Management District cost-share funding

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

-Conservation Reserve Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program(EQIP), Southern Pine Beetle Assistance and Prevention Program

Suwannee River Water Management District

-Irrigation Water Conservation, Precision Agricultural Cost-Share, Sustainable Suwannee Program, Dairy Wastewater System Improvement Cost-Share

Interactive maps

Regional Coastal Resilience Assessment map On this map you can see areas of greatest potential to benefit both community resilience and fish and wildlife

US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southeast At Risk Species Finder

Florida Forever Conservation Data Viewer See Florida Forever project areas and turn on and off 14 different data layers!

Florida Springs Watershed Dashboard and Prioritization Tool An amazing springs and watershed prioritization too. Read the instructions first on the storyboard!!

Florida Conservation Planning Atlas What a set of data! I am just getting into it and will add summaries of the different areas. Jump in and explore. There is so much!

Hold for in the works interactive map produced by UF and Tom Hoctor : ) This map will be filled with data layers that each partner can toggle on and off to adjust to their mission to help with land and area prioritization.

Ocala to Osceola Wildlife Corridor Boundary (public)

Educational materials from O2O partners

American Water Works Association webinar on Watershed Protection and Military Installations. This webinar includes a presentation from Susan Carr on the O2O and Camp Blanding. As well as REPI program information and watershed protection done on other military installations.

Power point

Recorded webinar

Conservation Articles

Click on the picture to read a great article about Florida Scrub-jay conservation.
Conservation How Researchers Hope to Save the Florida Scrub-Jay From an Inbreeding Crisis

Grant education webinars or documents

2022 Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund webinar This was a great webinar! They did an awesome job at explaining National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) funding for longleaf landscape.

2022 Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund slides Here are just the slides that were used in the webinar.

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