O2O Exciting Tidbits, O2O Working Groups Now Starting!

O2O Exciting Tidbits

Photo by Kimberly Tillman

O2O Exciting Tidbit Post # 4 May, 2021

Photo by Matt Green of Partners Working Together

National Forest Acquisitions Working Group

Lead- Susan Carr

Current O2O Partners Participating

Centered on identifying properties and willing sellers for inholdings of Ocala and Osceola National Forests, for which acquisition will help the Forests with their land management and natural resource mission. Secondly, group will work to build partnerships, funding sources, and constituency to support inholdings acquisitions. 

New Working Group Suggested! Please email me to participate in this group. ktillman@nflt.org

Florida Forever Project Area Additions Working Group

Current O2O Partners Participating.

This group would provide parcel information on parcels located within the O2O that are not in a Florida Forever project area but would be a good addition.  This group would work on boundary amendments and new projects for land acquisition.  

The O2O Now Has Working Groups!


The O2O Partnership currently has four working groups that will be starting. Read more about each working group below. To sign up for a working group please send me an email to join. ktillman@nflt.org

Sentinel Landscape Working Group

Lead- Rebecca Perry

Current O2O Partners Participating

Centered on the recent proposal for the NE Florida Sentinel Landscape, which includes the O2O. Goal centers on protection of military mission, rural landscapes, and natural resource conservation through the larger Sentinel Landscape partnership and program. 

O2O Signage, Branding and Education Working Group

Lead- Kimberly Tillman

Current O2O Partners Participating

Planning for O2O signage for conservation lands (private easements, NFLT and other lands). Identify Partner interests and needs for this. Larger goal toward branding of the O2O Wildlife Corridor and conservation initiative: outreach and education, logo, marketing materials and implementation plan.

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