Welcome to the Ocala to Osceola (O2O) Wildlife Corridor

This wildlife corridor is being completed by a regional partnership that is lead by the North Florida Land Trust

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“He had perhaps been bruised too often. The peace of the vast aloof scrub had drawn him with the beneficence of its silence. Something in him was raw and tender. The touch of men was hurtful upon it, but the touch of pines was healing.” –Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, The Yearling

Photographs by Renee Bodine

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The Ocala to Osceola Wildlife Corridor (O2O) is a 100 mile long, 1.6-million acre, landscape of public and private lands that connect the Ocala and Osceola National Forests. 

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North Florida Land Trust is the Ocala to Osceola Wildlife Corridor’s lead partner.

Learn more about NFLT at www.nflt.org.